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$89 Piano Tuning

$150 Piano Moving

*Upcharges may apply. See our Piano Moving page for more info.


 J.P. Lawson Tucson Piano Tuning and Moving offers affordable and expert services for your valuable instrument. We can help, wherever you live in Southern Arizona! Our piano services include repair, cleaning, tuning, moving and refurbishment.

Need a gift for a musician? Call to ask about our custom pianos and painting services.

And it's not a problem if you don't live in Tucson! Our professional services are also available in Bisbee, Oro Valley, Sierra Vista, Green Valley and across Southern Arizona. Because we like travelling almost as much as we like pianos.

J.P. Lawson Piano Tuning and Moving is Ready to Help.

 Looking for a Piano Specialist in Southern Arizona?

Do you need a piano mover for the vintage upright you found at an estate sale? Have a show in Sierra Vista or Bisbee and need a to find a professional tuner? Or maybe you are interested in our expert piano repair or piano key replacement. You could be interested our special customizations... And don't forget our complete cleaning and refinishing services.

J.P. Lawson Piano Tuning and Moving is here to help with any services you need. We love our work and it shows.

Our musical instrument services are designed with Tucson and Southern Arizona in mind.

A piano kept in the Sonoran Desert of Southern Arizona needs extra care. You can blame our very unique and sometimes unpredictable climate. Extremely high temperatures, dryness, sudden, intense rains, and humidity fluctuations of Southern Arizona can have a big (and bad) impact on your instrument.  

There are many large and small ways the Sonoran climate changes a piano and, in fact, all string instruments. We plan all of our musical instrument projects with that understanding. Tucson and all of Southern Arizona is unique. And so is every Tucson piano. Now, how can we help you?

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Thanks for helping me out with my Larrivee. Professional Musician

Jason was punctual, knowledgeable, resourceful Piano Owner

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Jason is the best in the business!! Guitar and Piano Owner, Musician

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Jason is the piano whisperer. Piano Owner

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Tucson Piano Tuning and Tucson Piano Moving

J.P. Lawson Piano Tuning and Moving Services is Tucson's best reviewed professional piano care provider. Tucson piano specialist Jason Lawson knows that every instrument, and every musician, has unique needs. 

Jason has over 15 years of professional experience working with pianos and in Tucson, Arizona and and the Southwest.  Equally as important, he's been surrounded by musical instruments his entire life. Jason has played professionally for many years, including on Tucson stages. In fact, all of us  are real-life musicians with a passion for the craft! We are happy to let you know exactly what we are doing. We want to know what you need from your piano!

Our experience, dedication and enthusiasm for music shows in our work. We take pride in that and truly enjoy making pianos sound great.

Learn more about Jason here, or give us a call today!

More information about some of our services.

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About J.P. Lawson Piano Tuning and Moving

J.P. Lawson Piano Tuning and Moving is a family owned business in Tucson, Arizona. We proudly provide professional instrument services for Arizona and Southwestern musicians. All of our services are done honestly, professionally and affordably.

Tucson Piano Specialist Jason Lawson is happily dedicated to making your piano sound as beautiful as the music you create. We look forward to working with your valued instrument, whether you are a full-time musician or occasional player.

Once in a blue moon, we come across a project beyond our sphere of experience. In fact, we won't even start the project if we aren't fully confident that the results will meet our high standards. However, we'll happily refer you to someone who can help with your specific needs.

(But usually we can do it.)