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A bit more about us.

J.P. Lawson Piano Tuning and Moving of Tucson is a family owned business providing Arizona and Southwestern musicians with honest, professional & affordable musical instrument and piano services. In fact, we have the best piano tuning reviews in the region. We dedicate ourselves to making your piano, guitar, bass and all instruments sound as beautiful as the music you create. 

Tucson Piano Care is Unique

We love Tucson, even in the summer. But we know that a Tucson piano needs extra care. You can blame Tucson and Southern Arizona's climate. The dry heat and sudden, intense rains of Southern Arizona can have a big (and bad) impact on your instrument. We plan our projects knowing the often subtle ways our Sonoran climate affects pianos and string instruments.

Jason Lawson is a musician that will work with you every step of the way.

Honesty and Professionalism

Once in a blue moon, we come across a project beyond our sphere of experience. If we are not fully confident that the results won't be up to our high standards, then we will refer you to someone who can help with your specific needs. (But usually we can do it.)

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