Piano Humidity Control


Piano Humidity Control Systems... in the desert?


We know, it's a dry heat... That doesn't mean you don't need help protecting your piano from changes in humidity.



Why do piano technicians and makers recommend using a piano humidity control system? 

Piano Humidity Control
Our Southwestern Climate Requires Reliable Piano Humidity Control

So why is it important to have a piano humidity control system?

A wooden piano is very sensitive to fluctuations in humidity. The piano's wooden soundboard is designed to have an arch, called a crown. The crown increases or decreases with changes of humidity, altering the tension on the strings and throwing the instrument out of tune. Larger fluctuations in humidity can affect regulation, and even cause parts to crack. If humidity changes are extreme, the soundboard can warp so much that it can collapse and lose its crown, which may require rebuilding or replacement of the instrument. 

Without special care, every piano will eventually develop issues like warping, failed glue joints, loose tuning pins, soundboard cracks and compression ridges if exposed to an extreme enough climate. Tucson and Southern Arizona just happen to be one of those extreme climates.


However, a humidity control system installed and maintained by our piano experts will prevent humidity damage in your piano and save you money over time!

Questions about Piano Humidity Control Systems?

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