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*Baby Grand piano moving starting at $225. See below for more information.

Piano Moving Professionals exist for a reason. Pianos are heavy.

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Don't let this happen to you. Hire us to move that piano.

Using a professional piano moving service is recommended in most circumstances. Not just because a piano can weigh upwards of 1,000 pounds, but also because of the delicate nature of the instrument. As experienced piano movers, we understand the importance and subtleties of properly securing and protecting your piano. 

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Trying to move a piano without professional help is usually a big challenge and impossible in some cases. Any number of issues can arise when moving a piano.

Often, the casters and wheels can deteriorate, scratching your floor as you try to push and pull the piano. Other times, the shape and weight of the piano can cause the inexperienced mover to drop the piano, possibly hurting themselves and your valued instrument. It is simply a good idea to hire an experienced piano mover. Unprofessional piano moving techniques could end up costing you a lot of money, pain and stress (not to mention ended friendships).

J.P. Lawson Piano Moving uses learned techniques and trained skill to make sure that we move your piano safely and without resultant scratches or damage. Our team uses custom-built equipment for our professional room-to-room or door-to-door piano moving services.  We consider the size, shape, and balance of the piano both inside and out. 

Our professional piano movers also consider the safest way to navigate stairs, corners, and turns without leaving any marks or dents. We take care to adjust our techniques and equipment according to the ground and floor covering we will be working with. J.P. Lawson Piano Moving will put your mind at ease as we care for your valued and valuable instrument.

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Challenges for our service team, how we deal with them, and how it may affect the price of a piano move.

  • Piano Size: The larger the piano, the more difficult it may be to move. This is why we charge a little extra for moving baby grands. Rates start at $225.
  • Flat Surfaces: This is the easiest situation, for obvious reasons! Our piano moving team lifts the piano on to the dolly.
  • Uneven and unpaved ground: Gravel, grass, cactus gardens, etc. often present a challenge while moving a piano. We may still be able to use the dolly. Sometimes the team will carry the piano over the uneven area. If no damage will occur, we may place a smooth surface like wood planks over the area.
  • Stairs: J.P. Lawson Piano Moving considers porch and other stairs and steps before any move. In fact, it will be one of the first questions we ask when you call us! We charge a $10 fee per stair to cover extra labor.
  • Turns: Wide turns around open corners are normally not a problem. However, tighter turns might mean  that we need to place the piano on its end. This creates a narrower base to move around the corner. It may look like we are juggling your piano, but J.P. Lawson Piano Moving has it down to a science.
  • Post-Move Piano Tuning: It is always a good idea to have your piano tuned after it is moved. Sometimes it can be done as soon as we place your piano in its new location. In some situations, like moving from a swamp-cooled home to an air-conditioned apartment, calls for a different approach. Our piano moving specialists will talk with you about your options.