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Piano Humidity Control in Tucson and Southern Arizona

piano humidity control in Tucson and Arizona

Piano Humidity Control in Tucson and Southern Arizona.

Piano humidity control in Tucson? But it’s a dry heat!

Do you really need piano humidity control in Tucson? Yes, you do. A system to control humidity will prevent damage that could destroy your piano.

Piano Humidity Control

Our desert climate can really hurt your piano.

The wood that makes up most of a piano is extremely sensitive to humidity and temperature fluctuations. The piano’s wooden soundboard has an arch, or crown, by design. The crown increases or decreases with changes of humidity, changing the tension on the strings and throwing the instrument out of tune.

Larger fluctuations in humidity, like we see during Tucson monsoons, can affect regulation. Swells and humidity can even cause parts to crack. If humidity changes are extreme, the soundboard can warp so much to the point that it can collapse and lose its crown. A piano damaged this way may simply need replacement. J.P. Lawson Piano Services of Tucson can help if we catch and stop the damage in time.

Piano owners can prevent these problems by controlling humidity. Most piano technicians recommend an indoor relative humidity within the range of 30% to 50%, kept as constant as possible. Keeping the piano away from air vents, heaters, open windows, open doors, direct sunlight, and the kitchen can help prevent damage, since all these are potential sources of sudden changes in humidity.

However, even with these precautions, changes in weather can affect indoor humidity, especially harming pianos in Southern Arizona. Contact us to talk about installing a humidity control system specially designed for your Tucson piano. J.P. Lawson Piano Services will install and regulate a system inside your piano to prevent damage.

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piano humidity control in Tucson and Arizona
Piano Humidity Control in Tucson: A Must Have For the Desert Climate.

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