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Our piano mover team has years of experience and the highest standards of care.

Tucson piano mover piano moving
Tucson Piano Mover Jason Lawson of J.P. Lawson Piano Moving has years of experience.

Our Piano Movers are professional and our prices are reasonable. Call or text 520-444-7323 today.

Some considerations we take before, during and after your piano mover works.

  • Flat Surfaces: This is the easiest situation, for obvious reasons! Our piano mover lifts the piano on to the dolly with his trained assistant(s).
  • Uneven and unpaved ground: Gravel, grass, cactus gardens, etc. often present a challenge for our piano mover. We may still be able to use the dolly. Sometimes our piano moving team will carry the piano over the uneven area. If no damage will occur, we may place a smooth surface like wood planks over the area.
  • Stairs: Porch and other stairs and steps can must be considered before any move. In fact, it will be one of the first questions we ask you.
  • Turns: Wide turns around open corners are normally not a problem. However, tighter turns might require the piano to be placed on its end in order to create a narrower base to move around the corner. It may look like we are juggling your piano, but we have it down to a science.