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Tucson Piano Repair: Piano key replacement, action repair and more!

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Jason Lawson.


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Piano Repair Services of Tucson

Our Piano Repair Services include piano key replacement, piano string replacement, piano action care and more. Schools, places of worship and professional musicians across Arizona use and trust J.P. Lawson Piano Services. You should too! Call or Text 520-444-7323 today.


Piano repair and maintenance is an important part of owning a valuable and valued musical instrument.

Why and when is piano repair needed? Pianos have a limited lifetime, usually measured in decades. However, different piano parts have different lifetimes.

Imagine a heavily used but well-cared-for piano. The piano hammers might last less than five years while the soundboard might last fifty years and more. Piano keys can suffer from cosmetic and functional damage. Tucson pianos have unique repair and maintenance needs. Southern Arizona experiences big fluctuations in humidity, especially during Monsoon Season. The normally arid and hot nature of our climate presents challenges in keeping a piano in good shape as well. We are familiar with these issues and approach every job conscientiously.

Piano maintenance and repair can extend a piano’s lifetime by decades. Careful piano upkeep can extend your piano’s usability indefinitely. J.P. Lawson Piano Services of Tucson provides piano cleaning, replacement of worn piano parts, piano string replacement and many other services. Provided that the piano’s structural support remains sound, J.P. Lawson Piano Repair can take care of the rest!

Piano frames and some parts of the action may stay in good condition. Piano repair professionals can restore or rebuild an instrument by replacing some of the components. These include the piano strings, keys, pinblock, bridges, soundboard and ribs, hammers, and action. Piano repair expert Jason Lawson will fully and carefully look at your instrument before starting any work. We dedicate ourselves to keeping your piano sounding like new!

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J.P. Lawson Piano Repair & Musical Instrument Services of Tucson is a family owned business providing Arizona and Southwestern musicians with honest, professional & affordable services. Piano expert Jason Lawson knows how to care for Arizona pianos and musical instruments. We’ll make your piano, guitar, bass and all instruments sound as beautiful as the music you create.